Someone has asked why President Obama is so focused on religion, constantly attempting to appease it, it seems, even when the most base and foul faiths human beings have come up with. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I suppose that he makes these gestures because he understands what a disruptive and divisive force religion can be.

However, bowing down the King of Saudi Arabia–a more oppressive country one would be hard-pressed to find–and smooching Islamist arse, thereby encouraging the fanatics further, is in my estimation an egregious mistake that will long haunt us all. As I’ve said previously, these fanatics are like vicious dogs. If you run away from them–thereby appeasing them–they will bite you on the tuchus and maul you. If you stand your ground and shake a big stick at them, they will back down, because at heart they are cowards.

Ditto with the fanatics of all faiths (and non-faiths).

Obama Sends Rosh Hashanah Message, Calls for Lasting Peace for Israel

No, not good. Why all this religion from this guy? Separation of Church and State. Religion has no place in gov’t.