In addition to the numerous supposed “debunking” sites are images that purport to refute the first or religion part of the first “Zeitgeist” film (“ZG1.1”). We have already demonstrated the brief summary contentions in ZG1.1 to be largely accurate. In addition to numerous articles and a nearly 600-page book on the subject, as well as a 100+-page sourcebook, videos and radio programs, we have put together a huge resource on our forum. Please feel free to pass around any of the relevant links at any time where you see disinformation and misinformation regarding the comparative religion and mythology summarized in the film.

Below is my refutation of one of the images being passed around. The original purported refutation, which I have relabeled “Pseudoscholarship,” was so bad that its writer did not know there were different Horuses, depicted Isis’s impregnation vulgarly as “fucking,” and displayed other shortcomings that demonstrate s/he was not a scholar or expert on the pertinent subjects. In a word, the writer is a victim of a little knowledge being a dangerous thing, as s/he apparently scanned encyclopedia entries for a couple of hours before s/he decided s/he was an authority on the matter. Shallow skimming of encyclopedias does not make an expert of anyone. It takes many years and expertise in multiple disciplines to know this information, including the ability to work in several languages.

In any event, feel free to pass along the links and the image below.


Horus the Child was born on December 25th and every day as Ra-Horakhti, Horus of the Two Horizons. His mother, Isis, was called the “Great Virgin” in the Temple of Seti I at Abydos. Sirius marks the birth of Horus the Elder, followed by the Three Kings of Orion. Horus leads 12 followers through the underworld. He baptizes or purifies the dead (CT Sp. 74) He dies and resurrects, per Diodorus Siculus (1.25.6), 1st cent. BCE.


Attis is the “son of Cybele in her form as the virgin, Nana, who is impregnated by the divine force in the form of a pomegranate.” -Dr. David Leeming, University of Connecticut. The god is the “castrated and crucified Attis.” -Textual Strategies by Dr. Josué V. Harari “Each year, Attis was born at the winter solstice.” -Shirley Toulson “The youthful Attis after his murder was miraculously brought to life again three days after his demise.” Dr. Andrew Fear


Persians believe Mithra was born of the virgin goddess Anahita. “December 25th” is an ancient winter-solstice celebration. The ancient Persian winter-solstice festival of Yalda is still celebrated as the birthday of Mithra. Mithra’s 12 “disciples” are the zodiac signs that are his satellites. As the “great bull of the Sun,” Mithra sacrificed himself for world peace. Mithra ascended to heaven in his solar cart.

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