Here’s a group of Nigerians who contacted me about bringing attention to their issue. As you may know, Nigeria is under siege by violent religious extremists who are slaughtering the people by the thousands. Please support the efforts of the freethinkers to bring peace to their land. If you know any Nigerians, share this page with them.

This is the second time in a week I’ve been contacted by freethinking Nigerians, so we know they’re out there – and they need our help! Every country and culture has good people in it – we need to reach out and bring them into our community, as they are in the minority. I’m told that Nigeria is something like 99% either Muslim or Christian. Let’s change that and help these good folks free themselves from the violent and hateful Abrahamic cultus.

Freethinkers Association of Nigeria

I am Victor Ulasi, a freelance journalist in Nigeria. I am setting up a group of Freethinkers legally, the group name is yet to be decided however, we have this name in mind “Freethinkers Association of Nigeria.”

I need help to build up the organization…

So far, I have approached the Corporate Affairs Commission to register the firm as a Non-Profit Organization

I need your help to get the organization started. Here is a facebook page we just created, the official website is currently been designed.

We source for news in order to keep the website updated, and also we need to know how we can be in partnership with you.