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I hope you’re having a terrific summer. I wanted to share with you some great reviews of Barbara G. Walker’s new book Man Made God. As you may recall, I published this magnificent and enlightening work, editing it with great care and adding a bibliography, index, dozens of chapter subtitles and over 140 hand-picked images, as well as creating the cover and writing the “Foreword.” You can be assured that between Barbara’s marvelous writing and my diligence in polishing its every facet, this literary diamond is one of a kind in quality all around.

An American icon, Barbara G. Walker is the author of the classic bestseller The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, which has been used widely in comparative religion and women’s spirituality studies for almost three decades. Barbara is also a prominent female voice within the humanist and freethought community for many years as well, appearing in publications and radio shows for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, as one important example.

Barbara has also been a tremendous source of inspiration for me since the early 1990s, serving as a muse and mentor for my own books over the years. In this regard, you will not want to miss my “Foreword” to her new tome.

Please join me in wishing Barbara a very happy 80th birthday on July 2nd and show your support for this great woman by examining her work in this latest fabulous book, Man Made God. Barbara tells me that she still rides her bicycle several miles a day–talk about an inspiration!

Please enjoy these inspiring and wonderful reviews of Man Made God as well!

Excerpts from Man Made God

“According to the Calvinist/Presbyterian doctrine of predestination, God is even responsible for human evil. As creator of every individual, he knows in advance how each person will behave in life, and he knows in advance who will be saved and who will be damned. To say that God doesn’t know these things is to deny his omniscience; but to say that he does know them is to deny his goodness and mercy….

“…It has been said that a heavenly father who creates a hell for his children should be the first to be burned in it.” (pp. 250-1)

“Mesopotamia before 4000 BCE was largely matrist and peaceful. The Mother Goddess religion prevailed, and women had high-status positions as priestesses, scribes, diviners, healers, judges and acknowledged masters of various crafts, such as fiber arts, weaving, pottery, food preparation and agriculture. In Crete and pre-Hellenic Greece also, the primary deity was the Great Goddess, whose temples were tended by women, and gender equality was the rule.” (p. 257)

Man Made God Reviews

Powerfully Enlightening and Useful!

by Angel of California

I finished reading Man Made God a few weeks ago and found it powerfully helpful in understanding how human behavior fundamentally transitions from a mother-child-focused culture based on cooperation and kindness to a male-focused culture based on competition and fear. This collection of essays provides valuable insight on how ancient observation of natural events as well as their practices, symbols, languages, and rituals are reformed or suppressed through time….

Anyone seriously interested in repairing our relationships with ourselves, who genuinely cares about all others with whom we share this planet, who has an honest reverence for all living things in cooperation with our environment, or who intends to actually help move our species toward preserving our future existence, should consider viewing this work and honestly think about the current path we are all on, especially before we nuke ourselves to dust simply because a man needs to show off he has a bigger missile than his fellow man, sanctioned by his bigger god.

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Incredible research

by James A. Worrell

Barbara Walker is absolutely thorough in her research before she starts writing. When you read this fantastic expose of how women have been put down and suppressed by religion, you will be impressed forever. Our male dominated world is really screwed up. Wars, debt, hate and division–all because of religions dominated by men. My mother was a woman, and I would not let anyone put her down. I admire the courage, insight and honesty of Barbara G. Walker. If you want the truth about this world, buy and read this book.

Excellent Provocative Book!!!!

by Armand Herpe

Barbara Walker’s book is an extraordinary, revealing, insightful and penetrating expose into the ominous and dark history of religion. Barbara Walker shows that everything we’ve been taught as truth and divine is actually man-made beliefs to subjugate the human race. The most despicable and shocking information in the book is about the inquisitions carried out by the Church, which murdered over 2 million human beings simply because they didn’t go along with the Church’s doctrine. Man indeed made God in his own image, a God of fear, hatred, jealousy, murder, bigotry and retribution!! Highly recommended read. I thank Barbara G. Walker for writing such an extraordinary and powerful book. Read it with an inquisitive and open mind, not with a preconceived blind-belief notion. Only then will the human race be free of religious dogma, subjugation and slavery. It surely freed my mind even further!

Here are some more thumbs up for this fantastic book!

Dr. Dave F.: “Well worth the money. I couldn’t put it down.”

Larry B.: “An excellent book. I found myself nodding in agreement and then shaking my head because I couldn’t believe that I used to believe what I’d been raised to believe.”

Joan d’Arc, Paranoia magazine: “A mind-blowing book–so fantastic. This book is stellar! I love it.”

Gloria B.: “Just finished it–excellent book.”

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