mythicist meetingMy friend Minas Papageorgiou has passed along the news of his “Mythicism Conference” held in Athens, Greece. Looks like it was a great success. Congrats, Minas, and keep up the good work – μια χαρά!

Be sure to read my interview with Minas as well!

Mythicism event in Greece
by Minas Papageorgiou

This is a short reportage from the first Mythicism event here in Greece which took part on January 23, 2010, here in Athens.

The “Ektativolos” hall quickly got crowded yesterday by people gathered to hear the speech about the “Problem of the historic existence of Jesus/The problem of the true history of Jesus”. The 70-80 seats did not prove to be enough for the number of attendants, so some of them had to stay stand during the whole event.

They all gathered to take part in the first speech organised in our country about a subject currently being characterised as “hot potato” throughout Europe and America – a conclusion easily reached if someone takes into account the number of books published, conventions held and television and radio shows being broadcast yearly about the same subject around the world.

During the first part of the event, Minas Papeorgiou and Tasos Xalios stood behind the podium and introduced and analysed the subject through 4 distinct presentations:

1) Introduction to the subject of the “Problem of the historic existence of Jesus/The problem of the true history of Jesus” and why the research around this field is especially important today. (by Tasos Chalios)

2) A travel back in time, from 1780 up to today, through a presentation about the works and throughts of top apademics, scientists and theologists who doupted the historical Jesus. (by Minas Papageorgiou) Minas Papageorgiou also made a thorough presentation on the works of modern writers such as Acharya (D.M Murdock), Robert Price, Kenneth Humphreys, Earl Doherty, Frascesco Carotta, Lena Einhorn etc.

3) The quest for the Historical Jesus: Search for testimonies and references to Jesus during the first post-Christianic years. Notes on the forgery of epistles and bible passages by the first christian apologists concerning the historical presence of Jesus on earth. Archetipes and archetypal elements of Pagan legends found in the Jesus as described in the Gospels.

Comparison of Jesus as presented by Paul against the Jesus as presented in the Gospels. A walkthrough on the artistic representation of Jesus throughout time. How the Gregorian – B.C. and A.C. – calendar system affects our perception regarding to the historical Jesus (by Minas Papageorgiou)

4) Objects used by the Christians in order to certify the historic existence of Jesus. Stories about the Mandilion,the Holy Cross, the Holy Grail, the Shroud of Turino etc. (by Tasos Chalios)

During the second part of the event the attendants had the chance to watch “The God who wasn’t there” on Greek subtitles. A documentary presented to the greek audience for the first time.