Canadian Muslim Congress spokesman Tarek Fatah speaks volumes of pure, refreshing truth! THANK YOU!

In response to the Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s remarks about “Islamicism” being the greatest terrorist threat to Canada, Fatah says:

The comments of Prime Minister Harper should be saluted. He’s the first Western leader who has come up with the clarity that has been missing in the last ten years.

Had Prime Minister Harper been the President of the United States we would have won the War on Terror by now. But instead we’ve got someone in the White House today who’s apologizing…

Responding to a Canadian “civil rights” lawyer spewing the usual condescending pabulum, Fatah remarks:

These sharia Bolsheviks, these bleeding-heart white liberals are a dime a dozen in Canada, and what they do not understand is that as a Muslim I am the first line of defence – the Islamists will get me and slit my throat long before Mr. Champ ever comes into the picture. I would gladly exchange my position with his white privilege and then discuss this issue. Let him go to Pakistan….

I feel absolutely insulted that a person like him would come sit back, on CBC television, and lecture us about what are the threats from Islamic terrorism. What does he know about Islamic terrorism?

I’ll give him a lecture [about] the last 100 years, and the million people that have been slaughtered by these jihadis in the name of Islam – that is what’s happened…. Ninety percent of the victims of Islamism are Muslims!…

If Muslims were being persecuted in the West, then 90 percent of the applications for immigration to the West – why do they come from Muslims? Why is the highest level of immigration to the United States and Canada coming from Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya and all these places? Why are the refugees from the Middle East trying to get over here? Why are the Somali refugees trying to come to the United States and Canada, if Canada and the United States are against Muslims? I don’t think I would come here! It is the only place on Earth where I can practice my faith and have the courage to say what I’m saying to you. If I was anywhere in the Middle East or in Pakistan or Bangladesh, my throat would have been slit by now.

The question needs to be asked, if 90% of victims of Islamic terrorism – which Fatah calls “Islamism” – are Muslims, can we not deem the Islamist terrorists “Islamophobes?” Those people trying to stop Islamic terrorism, therefore, are working against the real Islamophobes.