egyptian muslim attack christians

So it continues with devout members of the religion of peace comitting violence – this time 3,000 of them stampeding through the streets, destroying Christian businesses.  Naturally, being politically correct, we should not raise up the fact that the Christians were in Egypt first, but have consistently been genocided and driven off to the point where they have all but disappeared – at the hands of Muslim fanatics.

According to news reports, life in Egypt is becoming increasingly fundamentalist Islamic and difficult for other groups.

And no help is coming, because of political correctness as well as abusive apologists who can never acknowledge any Islam-induced atrocity but will only point fingers elsewhere, including and especially at those who dare to report on the subject.

If a religion is to count for anything, it would produce integrity and honesty, not dishonesty and deceit in covering up its dirty laundry.

Muslim Anti-Christian Riots Spread in Upper Egypt, Video Shows Looting and Burning

Upper Egypt (AINA) — On Monday November 23, 2009 Muslim rioters looted and burned Coptic Christian businesses in the village of Abou Shousha, which lies 25 KM from Farshoot. The terrorized Coptic inhabitants of Abou Shusha have stayed indoors, their shops are closed and their children are being kept away from school. They fear a repeat in their village of the Muslim violence which engulfed the town of Farshoot less than 36 hours earlier (AINA 11-22-2009).

The Middle East Christian Association (MECA) reported that at least three large Coptic stores and a pharmacy were looted and burnt in Abou Shusha and that the fire brigade arrived one hour late, although their headquarters is only 8 KM away from the village. “They gave the pretext of being busy in Farshoot, which is untrue, as Farshoot had a quiet night,” said Wagih Yacoub of MECA. “Coptic and Muslim neighbors tried to put the fire out.” A video posted by Free Copts shows the Abou Shusha fires.

Bishop Kirrillos of Nag Hamady Diocese said that a mob from the neighboring village of Abu Tesht torched the businesses in Abou Shusha. MECA reported that three girls were assaulted in the street by having bricks hurled at them. No serious injuries were reported.

On November 22, in a joint communiqué from fourteen Egyptian human rights organizations and lawyers called on President Mubarak to immediately intervene to save the Copts from the wrath of the mob and the subversive leaders behind them, who are seeking to sow discord and divisions among the Egyptians in the name of religion and “to hold accountable all involved in the incitement or attacks on the peaceful Copts in Farshoot.”…