islam extremism radicalism radicalization america united statesJust when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… Actually, those of us in the know have known for a long time that the U.S. has not been safe from Islamic terrorism, 9/11 or not. Does everyone forget why we have metal detectors in our airports in the first place?  Remember the hijackings that began in the 1970s, largely committed by Muslim terrorists? Remember all the movies with Muslim terrorists being overcome by American heroes? We’ve had Islamic extremism in this country for a long time.

But, as is the case in Europe and other parts of the world, the wealth pouring into Islamist pockets from a variety of sources, including and especially oil and heroin addiction, has enabled mass immigration and increased “radicalization.” Of course, what is called “radical” Islam by some is deemed “classical” Islam by others. In any event, the news is not good but it is also not unexpected by those of us who have been addressing this issue for many years – much to our own detriment in the short run, as fanatical Muslim apologists and appeasers have been out in force attempting to shut down any acknowledgement of this longstanding and increasingly dangerous situation.

Muslim radicalisation gains momentum in US

Long feared by US intelligence, Muslim radicalisation is gaining momentum in the United States, which has had a spate of cases featuring youths recruited and trained overseas for jihad.

The latest case – five US nationals arrested in Pakistan on Wednesday on suspicion of plotting an attack – deepened concern that militant Islamist groups are successfully enlisting potential attackers inside the United States, much as they have in Britain…

“We also as a community realise there is a problem,” Nihad Awad told reporters while announcing that his organisation, the Council [for the Advancement of Islamic Radicalization] (CAIR), had steered worried parents of the five to the FBI.

He and others insisted that the problem involved only a small minority of the Muslim community in the United States, but the implications remain disquieting because of how easily US nationals can move across borders or within the United States….

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