Unbelievable. My heart goes out to the people who are suffering and who will continue to suffer for some time to come from the horrendous devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy. The cost to the economy is estimated at about $50 billion in damage so far. Some parts look like they’re straight out of a disaster movie, the devastation is so bad. We’ve been expecting storms like this for many years. As Katrina was obviously not the last, I doubt this one will be the last we will see. The only question is where the next superstorm will hit. Again, our best wishes are with the millions of people who have lost everything and are without power, food, water and shelter.

Here’s are ways to help:



Staten Island is in particular need:


And then there’s Breezy Point, NY, where over 2 dozen firefighters were killed in 9/11 – a fire during Sandy devastated 100 homes.


Very sad.

Islamists joyful at human suffering

While much of the rest of the world expresses condolences and rushes to assist the millions of Americans who are suffering from the horrendous devastation of Hurricane Sandy, Islamic authorities are debating whether or not the superstorm is a divine punishment from the Arab tribal god Allah, while Islamic jihadis cackle decisively that the horror is indeed retribution for “insults to Islam” and for resisting the global imposition of an Islamic caliphate.

Someone might want to tell these Pat Robertson wannabes that New Jersey and New York are full of Muslims and were some of the hardest hit areas. Many jihadis have been swarming around New York and are tied to Muslim organizations in New Jersey as well. NJ governor Chris Christie has numerous powerful Muslim friends and bends over backwards to accommodate them. So what was God really trying to say?

It should also be recalled that Americans have traditionally donated billion$ and much valuable time when natural disasters strike in other parts of the world. The countries where these jokers are sitting so comfortably cackling over the suffering of millions of human beings – including many MUSLIMS – themselves receive AMERICAN AID.

So, what are they going to do when we are all broke and devastated, which seems to be their desire? They TOO will be broke and degrading into shambles when our money stops flowing to them.

Have a nice life!

Debate Among Muslim Clerics: Is It Proper To Rejoice Over Hurricane Sandy In The U.S.?

Following Hurricane Sandy, which hit the East Coast of the U.S. on October 29, 2012, many Twitter users in the Arab world expressed joy over the crisis in the U.S. and even wished for its demise, whereas others condemned these reactions and called to express compassion for the Americans. A number of Muslim clerics joined this debate, some of them agreeing with the first group and describing the hurricane as a punishment from Allah, and others agreeing with those who condemned this attitude.

The following are excerpts from some of the clerics’ statements:

Among those who expressed satisfaction over the hurricane was Egyptian cleric Wadgi Ghoneim, who tweeted on October 29, 2012: “America is currently subject to [an attack] by one of Allah’s weakest armies (meaning Hurricane Sandy).”

Magdi Ghoneim’s tweet

On October 31, he tweeted: “In my opinion, this is revenge by the Lord [Allah] for [harming] his beloved Mustafa [another name for the Prophet Muhammad]…” Ghoneim presumably means that Allah sent the hurricane as punishment for the anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims.

Saudi cleric Nasser Al-‘Omar likewise regarded the storm as divine punishment, and even issued a fatwa stating that the Muslims must be glad and thank Allah for it: “We must rejoice at anything that harms these arrogant and tyrannical oppressors. America is the spearhead of oppression, evil and tyranny in the present age. It has used its wealth, which Allah the Almighty bestowed upon it, to oppress mankind throughout the world. America’s history is black, in every respect and in all parts of the globe, especially when it comes to [its treatment of] the Muslim nation. For America is an infidel and tyrannical nation that is hostile to Allah and His Messenger, and fights the Muslims. It has defiled and degraded Allah’s Book [the Koran]. It is close to all that is evil and distant from all that is good, and defends terrorism in the world. Who supports Israel? Who endlessly defends the Jews? Who destroyed Afghanistan and Iraq? Who takes the wealth of the Muslims worldwide and repays them with missiles, bombs and nuclear warheads? America and its agents are [also] the ones who supervise the most oppressive and deadly prisons, such as Guantanamo. The list of its crimes around the world is endless, and nobody can compete with it… America’s might [is used to promote] civil war, deception, evil, tyranny, and straying from the straight and narrow.

“So why should we not rejoice when it suffers harm?… Should we not be glad that Allah has heeded the prayers of the weak and oppressed around the world? Should we not be glad, when [the storm is clearly] a punishment from Allah for their crimes…? Some Muslims say [that] we should feel sorry about what has happened [in America]! This is a mistake [which indicates their] ignorance of the religious texts… When we see these strong winds destroying some of the states in America, we know it is a boon from Allah, for which we should be grateful and glad… In sum, we may rejoice over what has harmed America, for that is the reasoning of the Koran and the way of the prophets…”

UK-based Islamist Anjem Choudary tweeted: “Hurricanes, floods and tornados are the soldiers of Allah which Allah releases against those he wishes to punish or to wake up, Allah Akbar!”

Note that Anjem Choudary lives off the public dole in the United Kingdom, all the while biting the hand that feeds him.

For more images of Sandy’s destruction, see Weather.com: Photos: Sandy’s Epic Devastation.