In case you haven’t gotten copies of the enclosed ebooks, be sure to take a look. At this slow time of the year, I am still in need of assistance for my Moses project. As one can imagine, in consideration of the massive amount literature written about the subject over the past 2,500 years or so, this task is quite daunting, and I want to make it the best possible resource.

The Moses-Dionysus ConnectionThus, I need more time, so if you would like to contribute to the cause once or ongoing by subscription, your effort would be greatly appreciated and rewarded by another Stellar House publication. There are several ways to contribute, including purchasing my ebooks. Here I’ve included a sampling of the three latest ones.

The Moses-Dionysus Connection

The Moses-Dionysus Connection is a 15-page ebook/PDF highlighting the commonalities between the Hebrew lawgiver and the Greek god, also known as Bacchus. This ebook represents an adaptation of the forthcoming book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver.

Why have scholars since the early 17th century – many of them Christian theologians – composed studies of correspondences between Moses and Dionysus/Bacchus? What are these parallels, and where do they come from? What are some of the primary sources? Discover who was really drawn from the Nile and and tamed the Red Sea!

Buddhism's Relation to ChristianityBuddhism’s Relation to Christianity Reviewed

This review, commentary and study guide of Dr. Michael Lockwood’s book Buddhism’s Relation to Christianity is a 23-page ebook/PDF highlighting the primary source evidence that reveals parallels between the two world religions.

Why have scholars over the past several centuries recognized important similarities between Buddhism and Christianity, including between their alleged founders’ lives?

What are these parallels, and where do they come from? What are some of the primary sources?

“…Jesus and his disciples are allegorical, non-historical characters mixed together with historical characters (such as Pilate and some Temple priests)… Jesus was an allegorical figure modeled on the founder of Buddhism and his fifth century BCE style of preaching: that of the homeless wandering monk….” Dr. Michael Lockwood

A Pre-Christian 'God' on a Cross?A Pre-Christian ‘God’ on a Cross?

You may know that the artifact examined in this ebook has been assailed as a “forgery,” but is that assessment truly scientific? Or is it a rush to judgment and hasty conclusion based on bias and oversight?

Who is really depicted in the image below? Is the engraving a forgery? A Christian artifact? Or does it represent a pre-Christian figure hanging on a cross? This ebook is available with a monthly subscription of as little as $3.00!

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