Did Moses Exist? front coverIn case you missed the release of my latest book, Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, here’s some info. My book is comprehensive, covering every major and many minor aspects of the story of Moses and the Exodus. In Did Moses Exist? I demonstrate scientifically that the lawgiver and Exodus tales are not historical. Next, I examine the myths that these fictional elements are based upon and how they came to be. You will not find this information in any other single source.

My research includes primary sources in the following languages:

Akkadian, Arabic, Assyrian, Babylonian, Canaanite, Egyptian, Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Phoenician, Sanskrit, Sumerian, Ugaritic, Vedic and others.

The Table of Contents is extensive and can be seen at the book’s webpage.

The Dionysus Connection

One of the figures that the mythical Moses evidently was founded upon was the Greek god Dionysus. This comparison of the Hebrew and Greek lawgivers was noticed in antiquity and extended into the modern ages by many scholars and writers.

Moses or Dionysus?The attributes in this image are cited carefully from ancient primary sources, found on pages 331 to 335 in Did Moses Exist? These citations include Homeric Hymn 1 to Dionysus, Pausanias, Diodorus, Homer, Artapanus, Euripides, Macrobius, Seneca, Nonnus, Horace and Ovid.

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