by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S

Mormon Cathedral, Salt Lake City, Utah

With the previous speculative entrance into the presidential circus of Orrin Hatch, elder of the Mormon Church, and the presidential bid by Mitt Romney, also a Mormon, as well as in consideration of the claim that Mormonism is one of the fastest growing sects, it seems appropriate to inform regarding “The Church of the Latter Day Saints,” or “LDS.” As many know, the LDS possesses considerable money and clout–far more than the demographics should allow for–yet few people realize how at least some of that fortune has allegedly been made.

The LDS spends some of this money buying airtime to push its “other testament of Jesus Christ,” the Book of Mormon, which purports to be a “history” of the “lost tribes of Israel” coming to America, establishing a great civilization and being visited by Jesus himself. To a historian, mythologist, archaeologist and religious scholar, this claim is invalid and unscientific, as, in the first place, according to the Samaritans, there were no “lost tribes,” and the Samaritans themselves basically constituted the Israelites, the people of the Northern Kingdom. In the second place, the “Jesus Christ” of the New Testament is a fictional composite of characters, real and mythical, as revealed in my various books.

In addition, in The Divine Supermarket, Malise Ruthven, an Englishman positively baffled by American religious fervor, composed an excellent expose of Mormonism, basically revealing that Mormon founder Joseph Smith fabricated the Book of Mormon, considered an embarrassment by some Mormons. There were no “gold plates” or mysterious stone “spectacles.” Smith was a known trickster as a kid and early on admitted that he had fabricated the gold plates story. Despite these facts and that Smith was killed in part for defrauding several farmers, Mormonism grew fairly rapidly. Smith was allegedly a Mason, as was purportedly Brigham Young, although both supposedly publicly deplored Masonry, which is difficult to believe, except that Masons take secret oaths not to reveal anything about Masonry.

What would be more credible is that some wealthy Masons got together to start a new, profitable sect. And then, when the non-Mormon commoners lynched Smith, et al., Young dragged his gullible followers on a horrendous journey on which at least 600 died, so that he could find a place where they could practice polygamy–or, more appropriately, polygyny, or “many wives.” The desirability of polygyny is obvious, beyond the natural sexual urges, because it has the effect of creating numerous little clones of the original templates such as Young–a much easier way to gain numbers than conversion.

The Mormons now have important representatives in Washington. It is asserted that Mormon politicians, like their peers in Judaism or other sects of Christianity, put the interests of their “religious” organization above those of the American people as a whole.

Following the Money

(Note from author: I do not know exactly what to make of the following information, but I report it here for purposes of edification and further research by interested parties.)

One purported way in which the Mormons became so powerful was exposed in conspiracy researcher extraordinaire Mae Brussell’s “lost files,” which were given to me by one of her “Brussell sprouts,” and some of which have been published in Kenn Thomas and David Hatcher Childress’s Inside the Gemstone Files.

In Tape #342 (8/4/78), entitled “Mormon Uranium and the One World Gov’t,” Brussell relates the report of an ex-Mormon attorney, Doug Wallace, on a conference held by the “Latter Day Saints Freedom Foundation” on “Mormon Church Infiltration of Government Agencies Suspected of Sequestering Uranium Ore Outside the United States.” The report alleges that the Mormon Church illegally exported tons of uranium from Washington State and Utah to Australia, evidently in the late ’50s. Says Brussell, “It is of no small moment that the LDS has infiltrated the CIA and the FBI, and that the special interests of the church have been handled by those church members who had the agencies of gov’t to assist them in the conspiracy.”

Brussell continues: “The objective of the Mormon conspiracy was to transport the ore beyond the control of the federal gov’t. The avowed purpose of the church in its secret political conquest Council of Fifty, was to obtain nuclear capability for future use when it would attempt to obtain world conquest and single world government.” The document further implicates Lyndon Johnson in the shipment of 10 million tons of ore to Australia. It also says, “The nuclear capability of Israel has resulted from this conspiracy, which provided for the highjacking of 200 tons of ore in 1968. The rumor was widespread in the knowledgeable circles of Salt Lake City that the Mormon Church had arranged to assist Israel in bringing off Armageddon.”

Coincidentally, beginning many years ago there have apparently been on occasion “massive explosions” rocking the Northwest Territories of Australia, possibly as a result of nuclear weapons testing. One correspondent writes:

“These explosions have illuminated the sky in a 100-mile radius and have registered significantly on the Richter scale. They have been alleged to be caused by meteorites (quite a trick to hit the same area several times). Yet, no scientific team has checked it out. The reports get very little media play. Oddly enough the U.S. Navy has a large secret base there, even though they are nowhere near the ocean. Another odd coincidence is that Japanese cult responsible for the sarin gas attacks on subways a couple of years ago purchased several thousand acres of land in the same area.”

While the explosions and the Mormon nuclear endeavors may be not related, the abhorrent notion that “religious” fanatics will actually create Armageddon for their own purposes and to their own end could also represent the end of us all.

The Mormon-Uranium Connection

It should also be noted that the Mormon Church evidently has been engaged in the mining of uranium, which was discovered at Moab, Utah, in 1952. It is also said that Temple Mountain in Utah “was one of the largest uranium producers in the entire San Rafael region.” Utah uranium mining, in fact, is over a century old, and was booming at about the time Wallace discusses, not long after its usage in the first nuclear weapons. Indeed, at this time there was a “uranium rush” in Moab and elsewhere in Utah, with people flocking there from all over the country, with businesses including the word “Uranium” in their names and offering geiger counters.

The Mormon dream of God providing the Church with riches through mining apparently did not begin with uranium, as we find in the historical record the “Dream Mine” story from the 1890s about a Mormon bishop named John Koyle, who had a vision in which he was led to a mine full of the vast riches buried by the “Nephites” found in the Book of Mormon. According to this “vision,” the treasures were purposely buried by these proto-Mormons as “a blessing to fortify the faithful against the ensuing chaos of the apocalypse.” This dream has been in the heart of many Mormons since then, and when their stockpile of uranium suddenly became the means for helping God bring about “the apocalypse” or Armageddon, etc., as well as for making them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, many of them likely jumped for joy, assuming that God had indeed blessed them, above all others. The Mormon dreamer John Koyle himself had only died in 1949, after the first atomic bomb was dropped and just before the discovery of the huge uranium deposite at Moab.

Is uranium mining the source of much wealth and power of the Mormon Church? It would seem so. (This story reminds one, of course, of the movie “Avatar” and “unobtainium.”)

Religious Hegemony

What this story serves to illustrate is that the average person truly needs to check into what he or she believes in and supports. It is all too common that the hierarchy behind any given religion, sect or cult is up to no good, particularly when it concerns very large cults such as the major monolithic religions, with their mounds of establishment money. The fact that a group has power and clout does NOT mean that “God” is blessing it or in charge of it. Such a belief is reflective of religious indoctrination such as that found at Romans 13, in which believers are exhorted as follows:

“Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Therefore he who resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment,” etc., ad nauseam.

These exhortations, by the way, include the admonishment that slaves remain slaves, so they do not stain “God’s good name.” Such comments, of course, represent the propaganda of the ruling parties, not “God’s Word.”

UPDATE 2012: Regarding the Republican Party’s nomination of Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate, ex-Mormon lawyer Doug Wallace has released a book entitled, No Mormon for President: It’s the Priesthood, not the Church, in which he says:

…the Mormon Priesthood led by each successive “prophet” has continued to look forward to the day when it can by deceit and deception take control of the government of the United States and ultimately of the world. Indeed any faithful Melchizedek priesthood holder such as Mitt Romney or John Huntsman who could attain election to the Presidency of the United States would likely develop narcism [sic] thinking God placed him there so he could enable the church prophet to become the literal “king of the kingdom.”

(Note: I have not read this book and therefore do not vouch for or endorse anything in it. I include it at the request of Doug Wallace, who has spent decades investigating the Mormon Church.)