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In the past few months, I have blogged on a couple of occasions about the sexual shenanigans of Orthodox Jews, whose misbehavior I have suggested is a result of the unhealthy view and repression of sex within typical religious fundamentalism. This fundamentalist religious sexual repression can be found in faiths other than Judaism, of course, including its Abrahamic branches, Christianity and Islam, as well as Buddhism and Hinduism. We find this pathology manifesting itself in the sexual abuse of children by the clergy of various major religions, including Catholicism, as is well known, but also Judaism, among others. Here is yet another case of an Orthodox Jew – in this case an important rabbi – abusing his position for sexual favors. To reiterate, it is a contention not only by me but also by mental health professionals over the decades that unhealthy sexual repression leads to obsession, abuse and perversion.

In my previous posts, I had recalled seeing Orthodox Jews at newstands in New York buying porn magazines, while hearing sordid tales from others, including one of my best friends, a lovely ex-Hassid, now unfortunately deceased. It is clear that there is a serious problem with sexual abuse within the Orthodox Jewish community, and what may also be apparent is that their religious fanaticism is in significant part to blame for this pathology.

Tal-mood for love: Sex-tape rabbi tries to ‘share’ hottie

A prominent Orthodox rabbi has been caught on tape discussing his apparent love affair with a shiksa he was converting to Judaism — whom he allegedly also pushed to have sex with his friends.

Rabbi Leib Tropper of Rockland County is heard encouraging pretty, blond Shannon Orand of Houston to participate in phone sex and actual sex with men the rabbi knows, including one he calls “the Satmar guy.”

Tropper, who calls the woman “darling” and “cutie pie,” talks about his own love affair with her at one point, saying: “I want to squeeze you.”

He also fantasized about rape. “I could role-play a rape with you but I couldn’t actually rape you — you know what I’m saying, darling — does that make sense?” he asks….

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