Here’s a short excerpt from the book I am currently editing and will be publishing relatively soon. Man Made God is by the great mythologist Barbara G. Walker, who thoroughly demonstrates the massive injustice committed against ancient goddess-worshipping peoples by the Abrahamic, male-dominant cultus.  Included in this manmade cultural domination is the ongoing attempt at whitewashing the bloody nature of this religious ideation emanating out of desert regions.

One of the revisionist tactics is to reduce significantly the number of people tortured, murdered and robbed in the name of Christianity – watch out for that one, as you will begin seeing it all over the place.  First, the faithful cheerleaders merely ignored that this bloody turmoil ever happened, and it was omitted from commentaries over the centuries. When secularists and Christians of conscience began to raise the genocidal nature of the Inquisition and other Christian behavior – leading to an extensive body of literature demonstrating the horrendous crimes of the Church – apparently Church leaders decided to destroy the evidence, so that they could then reduce the appearance of the desolation.  Now we have people claiming that “peer-reviewed” scholars are saying there have been far fewer deaths in the name of Judeo-Christianity than has been claimed, just a handful of a few tens of thousands, rather than the hundreds of millions recorded by other sources.

Part of this revisionism is another tactic the faithful are using in order to whitewash the true nature of the Abrahamic cultus: Mistranslating the Bible itself.  This tactic has been used in the past, but the following paragraph from Man Made God will demonstrate the degree to which this deception is being taken. Here Barbara is speaking specifically about this modern mistranslation effort:

A modern version of such censorship is called the Living Bible, or more recently The Book, which contains considerable spin-doctoring of traditional texts. For instance, Exodus 34:14, “The Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous god,” has become “a God who claims absolute loyalty.” The “little children” who mocked Elisha’s bald head and were slain by God have become “a gang of young men” to make God seem less child-abusive. Jesus’s order that a disciple must “hate” his family members (Luk 14:26) has been revised to say that Jesus expects his disciples to love him more than their families. And Jesus’s rude remark to his mother, “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” (Jhn 2:4) has been changed to “I can’t help you now.” The problem of Paul’s companions, who heard a voice but saw nothing (Acts 9:7) and also saw the light but heard nothing (Acts 22:9), has been rather unsatisfactorily solved by claiming that they didn’t understand what the voice said. Jeremiah’s mistake in calling the king of Judah “Jehoiakim” in 27:1 and “Zedekiah” two verses later, has been rectified by simply omitting both names. And Samuel’s mistake in saying that Michal “had no child unto the day of her death” (2 Sa 6:23) and also that Michal had five sons (2 Sa 21:8) has been rectified by arbitrary insertion of the word “adopted” to change the original meaning.

Expect much more of the same critical insights in this fantastic book – written in the nick of time, obviously!