Migration & Diffusion JournalI want to introduce you to a wonderful site called “Migration & Diffusion” by Dr. Christine Pellech, whose mission statement is as follows:

The basic theme of my website are cultural contacts and migration covering the time range from human origin up to the discovery of America by Columbus in 1492. This website will present and serve internationally as a multidisciplinary basis for the highest stage of scientific knowledge of “Migration and Diffusion of Culture” in this area of time.

Migration & Diffusion is a website journal providing evidence of ancient migration and cultural diffusion around the globe. M&D publishes articles from its previous hard-copy journal, as well as new additions such as my article:

Astrotheology of the ancients: Cultic practices and artifacts from antiquity reveal reverence for the heavens

Readers familiar with my work will recognize this article, which is essentially the same as the one on my website, Astrotheology of the Ancients, except I added citations (and Dr. Pellech added the images into the PDF).

Be sure to check out the rest of the journal, which contains some fantastic information regarding ancient migrations and cultural diffusion in antiquity, from such scholars as:

Dr. Reinoud M. de Jonge (ocean crossings; ‘America’s Stonehenge’; Nebra disc; Karleby passage tomb; Porcelano cave; Minoan pendant)
Prof. Alice Beck Kehoe (‘Phobias in archaeology’; pre-Columbian transoceanic contacts)
Dr. Christine Pellech (early Atlantic crossing; religious motifs; 14,000-year-old sea map; ancient maps; Atlantis; Argonauts and Odyssey)
Dr. Michael Rappenglück (Ice Age rock art; Cueva di El Castillo; Lascaux planetarium)
And many more!

This great stuff is right up the alley of those who enjoy my work, so please visit Dr. Pellech’s site and pass it around!