Althought it is highly exalted by numerous Westerners, including celebs who love to ride its supposed Peace Train, it appears that Buddhism in some parts of the world is little different from Christianity or Islam for having rabid fanatics who hate and do violent acts.

There are many instances of non-peaceful Buddhist behavior over the past couple of thousand years, although for the most part Buddhism has a far less bloody track record than any of the Abrahamic cults, i.e., Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  This recent hostility has occurred on the island of Sri Lanka, once known as Ceylon, where religious fanaticism runs deep.  Oddly enough, the obviously aggressive Buddhist community there is not so upset by the Muslim populace, which is known to make death threats to teenagers in America, but, rather, is freaking out over a video made by a musician named Akon that depicts women in bikinis dancing in front of a Buddha statue!

Most misogynistic mumbo-jumbo

As it turns out, in the less enlightened parts of the world, Buddhism gives the Abrahamic cultus a run for its money as concerns sexism and misogyny.  Why is a Buddha statue more sacred than beautiful, scantily dressed women?  Does not Buddhism teach that everyone is a Buddha? Are not living, breathing human beings more important than stone or wooden statues?

And what place does HATE have within Buddhism?  In response to this video, a Facebook page was set up called “WE HATE AKON,” where posters said things like, “We hate Akon. Please stop insulting a religion. Save Buddhism.”

The impression given from this brouhaha is one of typical religious fanaticism expressing rage, hatred, violence and misogyny – this behavior is an improvement over what?  How very unenlightened! How un-meditative! Looks like Buddhism in Sri Lanka has taken a terribly wrong turn – it might as well call itself Christianity or Islam.

This contention becomes especially clear when we learn that “the MTV/MBC head office [in Sri Lanka] was attacked by a group of armed thugs attached to a notorious politician for organizing the event.” Says the same poster:

Prior to the attack, a group of Buddhist Monks expressed their dismay over bringing down someone like “Akon” who had insulted Lord Buddha and Buddhism in his music videos, an allegation the singer vehemently denies.

First of all, having beautiful women dancing in front of a statue should not be an insult to anyone who is considered to be a “Lord.”  Is Buddha contained in that statue?  Why are beautiful women insulting?  Again, the misogyny is obvious.  Secondly, even if he did “insult” Buddha, who cares?  Does Buddha care?  Is he not in Nirvana?  Why are his followers so easy to pop out of their meditation?

R&B star Akon falls foul of Buddhist monks in S.Lanka

COLOMBO (AFP) – US singer Akon will not be granted a visa to visit Sri Lanka for a sell-out concert after Buddhist monks and almost 12,000 people on social media site Facebook took offence at one of his videos.

A group of monks lobbied the government to stop the star’s planned visit because of a music video which featured women in bikinis dancing around a pool in front of a Buddha statue.

The offending video was for the R&B star’s “Sexy Bitch” hit, set on the Spanish party island of Ibiza.

Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry said there was no application for a visa by Akon or his entourage, but the government had taken a decision not to allow him into the country to perform at the concert scheduled for April 24.

“He has not applied for a visa yet, but we will refuse him if he does ask for one,” a spokesman for the ministry said….


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