lost pyramid mirador guatemala largestWhat an awesome discovery! And there are thousands more in the jungles of Guatemala and elsewhere. This one dates to two to three centuries before the common era. Interestingly enough, “renegade” writers decades ago reported on the thousands of pyramids and city ruins all over Central and South America. They were pooh-poohed as “crackpots” by mainstream scholars and scientists. As time goes on, one after another of the revelations of these “crackpots” are coming to fruition.

Would that I could be a fly on the wall to see what kind of correspondences to “Old World” civilization will be unearthed here, including in this fresh version of the Popol Vuh. Speaking of “Old World,” the crackpots of previous years also claimed that there were ruins in the “New World” older than many in the “Old World,” a view supported by recent finds of sites thousands of years BCE. Again, an earlier generation had dismissed all notions of a New World civilization thriving much earlier than the “time of Christ,” as they tended to frame practically everything.