UPDATE: Here is the link to Mythicist Milwaukee, where they’ve got the MP3 of my radio program online. Note that Alan worked as an attorney, so he has a unique style in “interrogating” his guests. Also, note that he chimes in quite a bit. Overall, it was a pleasant and interesting show, I think.

I will be doing a live radio program tonight, 10/27/13, for an hour beginning at 9PM EST/8PM CST/6PM PST/1 AM GMT. The program is hosted by Alan Eisenberg out of Milwaukee. We will be discussing the recent Facebook fracas, in terms of the issue of virginity testing.

Eisenberg is an old-time reporter, and he’s surprised this isn’t big news. While my FB account has been restored, the issue of virginity tests remains germane. The program will be available globally, streaming live, at:


The radio station itself reaches from the Milwaukee area to Chicago, but you can listen through the internet as well. The program will also be archived on the same site, if you miss it live.

Thanks for your interest!