Lindsay lohan on the crossI have posted a new Examiner article about the brouhaha concerning Lindsay Lohen in a “Christlike pose.”

Lindsay Lohan crucified – in more ways than one

This past week Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan, a former child star now known for various excesses, was revealed on a French magazine cover in a pose that suspiciously resembled the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Naturally, Christian organizations such as the Catholic League took the opportunity to gain  attention by jumping up and down, and shouting, “I’m offended!” The purported offense occurs not only with the image itself imitating Our Lord’s Passion but also with the timing, coinciding with Easter, which is supposed to be a Christian holiday….

In consideration of the fact that the divine figure on a cross or in a cross shape is a common religious and mythical motif long predating the Christian era, perhaps it is the Pagans and other non-Christians who should be “offended” by its use within Christianity! And in further consideration of the fact that this cruciform image of divine protection often represented a female, perhaps Lindsay Lohan is in reality simply resurrecting this long-lost and buried symbol of the goddess.