This article clarifies my position vis-a-vis these hot-button issues. As I have demonstrated in my work over the past couple of decades, there is always room for discussion of Jewish supremacy, as outlined in the Old Testament and Talmud. I have criticized this hegemony in my book The Christ Conspiracy as well. There are many other blogs and articles about Judaism on my various sites, including one about the Bible and Talmud.

That being said, a never-ending string of red herrings on these subjects posted in other threads here and on other sites is really quite tiresome. Practically EVERY issue raised receives comments about “the Jews” and then a distraction to the Palestinians. Heck, probably if I posted something about a puppy being lost, we’d start hearing ranting about how “the Jews did it.” Whatever it is, it’s always the fault of “the Jews” and then we must hear about the Palestinians.

What is happening is that, like Pavlov’s dog, people have been conditioned by “alternative media” over the past two decades to have this unthinking kneejerk reaction that apparently makes them feel as if they are doing important humanitarian work and beneficial activism.

I too was on this bandwagon 20 years ago when I started listening to Pacifica radio, which at that time was largely a stream of anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian propaganda. I was very surprised that anyone was criticizing Jews, since we’d been raised to be very sensitive about perceived “anti-Semitism,” based on the suffering during WWII.

I also read Ralph Schoenman’s Hidden History of Zionism. Of course, I was infuriated and began complaining. But then this issue hit critical mass, and it seems like everyone is now harping about it. As far as I can tell, Israel has responded to the criticism and changed its policies to some extent, moving out of Gaza, for example. Meanwhile, the policies of Israel’s enemies haven’t softened – that’s for sure, and Israel has been bombarded by rocket strikes.

And there are many fine people within Israel – i.e., JEWS – who themselves have been “pro-Palestinian” activists for years. I met some of the biggest movers and shakers many years ago, supporters of the Jewish concentration-camp survivor and critic Israel Shahak. While I still resent the Jewish/Zionist supremacist mentality and the foolish but lucrative tourist trade in bogus Christian sites and artifacts, Israel simply isn’t as bad as it is being portrayed to be in the left-wing media, which is evidently heavily influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic organizations. I personally don’t particularly want to fall into the trap of EITHER Abrahamic cultic brainwashing, whether it’s religious or political.

Indeed, we should be aware that, while the Saudis and other Arab countries are constantly harping about the “poor Palestinians,” this cause is being and has been used cynically by these groups in order to further their own agenda. From my understanding, the Saudi elite could not care less about the Palestinians, except to use them as pawns in getting rid of Israel. Indeed, it appears that the Saudis have an institutionalized policy of prejudice against the Palestinians in order to force them out of Saudi lands and “back to their homeland,” i.e., “occupied Israel”:

An estimated 500,000 Palestinians are living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia as of December 2004. They are not allowed to hold or even apply for Saudi citizenship, as the new law passed by Saudi Arabia’s Council of Ministers in October 2004 (which entitles expatriates of all nationalities who have resided in the kingdom for ten years to apply for citizenship, with priority being given to holders of degrees in various scientific fields) has one glaring exception: Palestinians will not be allowed to benefit from the new law because of Arab League instructions barring the Arab states from granting them citizenship in order “to avoid dissolution of their identity and protect their right to return to their homeland”.

Right now, it seems, Palestinian elite is thriving from all the aid money pouring into the area over the past decades, the poor people remain oppressed – and THIS inequity is what we are seeing now in significant part.

This situation is obviously very complicated, so I’m not interested in seeing or engaging in mindless ranting against Israel, “the Jews” and the “poor Palestinians” in every thread I post here or elsewhere. If you want to rant here, I suppose you may since it’s on topic. But before you do, be sure to look at the links I’ve included here, and let us not have a bunch of ad homs and inconsiderate speech – I have Jewish friends, including elderly ladies, who are very frightened by reading such remarks. These lovely folks not only don’t follow Jewish supremacist thinking, but they would also bend over backwards to help out their fellow man, whoever and wherever s/he is.