I thought this was an interesting article highlighting Jews in prison. Although we hear about the sensationalist busts of Jewish people involved in financial crimes such as Bernie Madoff and the ultra-orthodox “Kosher Nostra” crime rings allegedly involved in money laundering and organ smuggling, etc., we don’t frequently hear about other Jews in jail. The proportion of Jews involved in violent crime seems to be low, compared to other ethnic/religious groups, although a case could be made for the many mafia hits orchestrated by characters such as Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel, as well as activities by the Mossad.

In any event, here’s a quote from this article:

Maximum-security prisons in the United States have relatively few Jewish inmates, according to the Aleph Institute, a Chabad-affiliated organization that reaches out to Jews behind bars. Most Jews in the prison system usually end up at lower-security facilities for crimes such as fraud or tax evasion.

The notion that most Jewish prisoners are in for financial crimes does not particularly assist in dispelling the stereotypical image.


Even behind bars, Jewish life flourishes