Jews and Muslims in the UKThe new buzz word is “multiculturalism,” which is evidently a code word for “Islamization,” as it is really the culture of Islam that is at the heart of the current debate about “multiculturalism.” Over the past few months, major European leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Nicolas Sarkozy and Britain’s David Cameron have come forth to pronounce “multiculturalism” a failure. Yet, Europe has been welcoming immigrants into its fold for decades and centuries, with no serious problems for the most part. Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Americans and many others have all settled in European lands, assimilating relatively well and contributing somewhat at least to the native cultures there. It is only with the flood of immigrants from Muslim countries that suddenly “multiculturalism” has become a bad thing.

One must wonder, therefore, why so many Jewish organizations have been pushing for “multiculturalism” in Europe and elsewhere, especially since the upswing of “anti-Semitism” in Europe, for one, is significantly traceable to the Muslim population there? If, as one group claims, forcing Europe to become “multicultural” is for the purpose of increasing “tolerance” towards Jews and to prevent another Holocaust, then the plan would seem to be failing miserably, as, because of anti-Semitic attacks, Jews are now fleeing once-relatively enlightened places such as the Swedish city of Malmö, which is now largely Muslim.

NOTE: Expressions of violence against any religious group will not be passed through. Nor will “white supremacy” comments or those supporting Muslims against Jews. Thank you.