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Here’s a great review:

“Because I am an astronomer and a student of the Bible, it is glaringly obvious to me that Jesus is merely another in a long line of Sun Gods. The evidence is right under the nose of anyone who takes the time and effort to read the Holy Bible. D M Murdock has just given everyone a cheat sheet. Use it!!!”

Loren Ball

And here’s some terrific observations about Bart Ehrman’s irrational and uneducated stance on this subject:

“This video destroys the notion set forth by Bart D. Ehrman that ‘mythicism’ is somehow debunked, illogical, or somehow non-scholarly, in relation to the ‘Jesus myth’ and its construction.

“Ehrman’s position is that the story of Jesus, and the ‘parallel god stories’ to Jesus, like the stories of Jupiter, Mithra, Dionysus, Apollo, etc., etc., etc., could not have been the same type of ‘mythology’….despite the early church fathers and historians showing clearly it was of similar disposition.

“Ehrman states that mythicists should be ashamed of such non-scholary positions, and yet his very own research has somehow skipped over the hard fact that early church fathers, themselves, stated these stories were similar to the Jesus story/myth, even stating that Jesus was worshiped as a ‘sun-god’, just as the other sun-god myths??

Perhaps it’s Ehrman that is not as ‘scholarly’ as he claims himself to be, or perhaps he is just saving face to keep his job in a largely pro-Christian college? Either way, it’s clear that the sun-god myths predating, and post dating the ‘Jesus story’, were in fact, very similar, and stated to be worshiped by many as a solar deity, (i.e., the Sun) by early Christian scholars and fathers.

“The quotes and evidence within this video starkly contrast the claims made by Ehrman.”

Alan Howell