In researching for the upcoming revision of my book The Christ Conspiracy, I have come across the following fascinating tidbits. I’m still working out all the details, but I had to share this much. Some of the information, such as the DNA studies, is confusing still. What linguistic and certain DNA studies have demonstrated, however, is that the ancient Japanese, the Jomon or pre-Jomon culture, is related to Native Americans. The linguistic connection seems to exist between ancient Japanese and the New Mexican Zuni tribe in particular, although rumor has it that at least one isolated “Otomi” tribe in Mexico also speaks “ancient Japanese.” Interestingly, one of the Japanese groups that share the same DNA marker (haplogroup D1) with Native Americans is that of pre-Ainu population in Northern Japan, found at the site of Funadomari in Hokkaido.

The earliest peoples in the Hokkaido region appear to have arrived some 40,000 years ago from Siberia, with other waves from the Asian mainland at different times, including some 15,000 years ago, while the Jomon arrival is dated to around 20,000 BCE. It has been theorized that the ancient Japanese DNA ended up in North America through multiple waves of shipwrecked Japanese sailors over a period of thousands of years, via the “Black Current,” which may have taken ships all the way up the coast of Asia and down the coast of the Americas, possibly as far or further than Ecuador, where there appears to be Jomon pottery sherds. This thesis has been developed in particular by Smithsonian anthropologist Dr. Betty Meggers.

In any event,