Thank you! This is very well written and important, coming from an Iranian woman whose native culture has been usurped by an oppressive foreign invader cult.
I hope many more Iranians are able to loosen these binds of bigoted religious oppression.
Mansoureh Nasserchian Soroor:
We hear a lot about respecting ideas of other people. The issue we miss is how much respect and in what price. We need to respect people as mutual respect and if some people have no respect for themselves how do we respect them. Also I can’t force myself to respect negative ideas which come through illogical traditions and ideology. If those traditions and ideology telling me I can’t eat food from non Muslim hands because they are filthy(najes), I can’t marry with non Muslim but our men can do that, how I am going to respect to this idea?
If girls wearing modern clothing and talking to boys and their father or brother allowed to kill those girls to save their “honour” how I am going to respect this destructive idea? if a hand of poor man who forced to do robbery due to lack of employment(robbery is immoral and illegal, no justification about wrongdoing) should be amputated and put him in more misery how could I respect the idea that coming from ideology?
I am not talking about racism against certain races it is about destructive ideas. How the society ask me to respect the backward ideas which have no respect for women and consider them as half of men and easily could stone them as a result of adultery.
Some might argue in Christianity and Judaism there are similar “laws” but do western societies impose them on people? No! That’s why gay marriage have been discussed in western countries and they move forward the law in support of minorities. Then, this argue is not valid in the first place.
No government should direct people forcefully to “heaven” as Iran regime have been doing it by puting their nose in private matter of people’s life. We need to distinguish why we should respect ideas which humiliate us as human beings.
Do we encourage bullies to bully others? No! We educate them and limit their negative behaviour by imposing law.