indian muslims praying at taj mahal

The news from Islam never ends, because its most fervent proponents have smelled blood for some time now, especially since 9/11. Now a “radical” (devout) Muslim group in India has decided that the Indian national anthem is “un-Islamic” because it doesn’t follow Islam’s monotheism. So, they have called for all Muslims not to participate in the singing of it. This fatwa does not attempt to compel the massive non-Muslim population from singing it – for now.

The same group has decided that all Muslim females need to start wearing the burkha – not the hijab or even the chador – because not to do so “dishonors” them. Hence, this development is ironically being called a “veiled threat,” because it is implicit that these “honorable” Islamic fanatics will be murdering all the females who don’t abide, in so-called honor killings.

India has been battling violent Islamist invaders for 1,000 years, and its citizens are no doubt quite weary of it.

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