“A girl of seven in India was murdered and had her liver cut in a ritual sacrifice to ensure a better harvest. Child was kidnapped as she walked home after watching TV at a neighbour’s house. Two farmers admit they carried out gruesome act to appease gods, say police.” (See story below.)

The practice of human sacrifice has been unfortunately widespread around the world over the past several thousand years. It is my contention that Christianity was created largely to address this problem in the Roman Empire, where human sacrifice was practiced by both Pagans and Jews. Instead of the continual sin-relieving scapegoat and sacred-king rituals previously practiced, “Jesus Christ” was created as an archetypal sacred king whose one-time sacrifice removes all sins forever. Unhappily, however, in order to impose their own cultic belief system on the world, Christian fanatics have engaged in massive human sacrifice, committing genocide all over the globe, to the tune of tens of millions slaughtered in the name of Christianity.

As I conclude in my book Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled (4):

Among the countless atrocities committed in the name of God and religion over the millennia looms large the practice of human sacrifice. This bloody and common ritual allowed for marauding Christian armies to justify the cultural destruction and genocide perpetrated in so many nations globally, including in the Americas, as a prime example. In other words, in order to stop human sacrifice, Christian armies sacrificed millions of humans.

In Suns of God, in fact, I discuss fairly extensively the history of religiously associated human sacrifice in certain parts of the world, including in ancient Israel and into the 19th and 20th centuries, in India and South America. While currently it is not common in any part of the world, human sacrifice has been committed in India several times in the past couple of centuries:

In reality, human sacrifice and cannibalism were practiced by a number of Indian cultures, such as the aboriginal races called the Gonds and Khonds, subgroups of the Dravidian family…. In their rite, during the year preceding the sacrifice the Gonds treated the victim like royalty. At the appointed time, the “king” was anointed with oil, and a sacred spear was thrust through his side, into his heart, the parallels with the Christian myth being obvious.

…The Khond sacrifice occurred as follows:

“The Khonds, an aboriginal hill tribe, have a supply of victims who know they will be sacrificed one day. They have either been bought as children, or they have volunteered, since by such death they are made gods. They are slain while bound to a cross, but at one stage they are given a stupefying drug and their legs are broken.

Here is a recurring ritual of primitive tribes, involving a would-be savior god and sacred king, who is “bound to a cross,” given a drug and suffers his legs to be broken! This ritual is what is depicted in the gospel fable: It did in fact happen, repeatedly, in numerous places, over a period of centuries and millennia, not as a one-time occurrence in Judea to the “only begotten son of God.” (Acharya S, Suns of God, 280-1)

There is much more on this subject in my book, including a discussion of how this practice developed, apparently as a result of the belief that the gods were bloodthirsty, a conclusion evidently based on constant natural disasters that destroyed thousands of humans and other animals. The conclusion was then reached that the gods obviously like or need blood, whether human or animal – the human ranking as most valuable at times – and that the natural disasters claiming thousands of lives could be averted by the deliberate sacrifice and offering of fewer victims.

Taking this notion to its extreme, the Old Testament depicts the Israelites as slaughtering great masses of animals, while human sacrifice is also hinted at or openly discussed in other places, not the least of which in the story of Abraham’s near sacrifice of his son, Isaac (Gen 22:1-13). As we know, the peoples of the Levant, where the Bible was composed, were notorious for human sacrifice, including the Jews who sacrificed their children to the Semitic god Molech (Lev 18:21, 20:22-3). There are indications that the original Abrahamic cultus came from India, where it was based on a Brahmanic religious order. It is therefore noteworthy that, despite the Hindu cow worship fervently practiced in some areas, other Hindu groups such as in Nepal likewise engage in mass animal sacrifice.

Religious insanity strikes again:

Girl, 7, is murdered in India and has liver cut out in sacrifice to the gods for a better harvest

Child was kidnapped as she walked home after watching TV at a neighbour’s house

Two farmers admit they carried out gruesome act to appease gods, say police

A girl of seven in India was murdered and had her liver cut in a ritual sacrifice to ensure a better harvest.

Two men, both poor farmers, have now been arrested in central India for allegedly carrying out the killing, police said today.

Police arrested the men last week and they told officers they killed the girl to appease their gods and get a better harvest.

Tati was walking home after watching TV at a neighbour’s house when she was kidnapped, Das said.

The two men confessed to cutting her open and removing her liver as an offering….