Here’s a new Church/State documentary by artist Scott Burdick that features me several times, along with some comments by others that will surely ruffle a few feathers. In the video sidebar, Scott says:

When I was given a DVD of a protest rally in the small town of King, near where I live, I was shocked by the sight of five thousand people waving Christian Flags and cheering one of the speakers when he said that everyone there should “encourage” those who weren’t Christian in the area to move somewhere else.

My first reaction was anger and I told my wife, Susan, we were going to put our house up for sale the next day and move somewhere more tolerant. But the next morning, I decided that I would do something else first. I took my video camera down to the Veteran’s Memorial in King’s Public Park and started interviewing people….

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Here’s a “funny” bit, in response to the question of whether or not someone would kill his or her own child if God told him/her to: