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Icelandic feminists on International Women’s Day Photographer: Salvor Gissurardottir

Hello freethinkers, it’s been a while – but I’m ready to make a return.

A piece of news I’ve had on my mind in the last couple weeks is quite a victory for women everywhere, in my mind. Let’s see what you all think.

The Guardian reports:

Iceland: the world’s most feminist country

Iceland is fast becoming a world-leader in feminism. A country with a tiny population of 320,000, it is on the brink of achieving what many considered to be impossible: closing down its sex industry.

While activists in Britain battle on in an attempt to regulate lapdance clubs – the number of which has been growing at an alarming rate during the last decade – Iceland has passed a law that will result in every strip club in the country being shut down. And forget hiring a topless waitress in an attempt to get around the bar: the law, which was passed with no votes against and only two abstentions, will make it illegal for any business to profit from the nudity of its employees.

Iceland, a country that also lays claim to having the world’s first (modern) gay head of government,  Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir, has taken a step in declaring that women should be treated as far more than objects of desire.

But on the same issue, I can see that some might consider this an attempt to oppress women from their right to expose themselves in whatever way they wish. The question is, shouldn’t we be allowed to do whatever we like with our bodies, in a free society? I’m not saying I hold to that (because I’m not sure of my position on this issue), but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of you do.

Is this a victory, or an incredibly soft form of oppression in disguise? My sense of responsibility says that banning profit from nudity in the workplace is a relatively positive thing.

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