jfk jr junior john f. kennedy

Gorgeous and manly faced John F. Kennedy, Jr. (Photo: NASA/KSC)

Here’s one for the “WTF? Department.” Have they all been feminized?  Too many xenoestrogens in their environment, perhaps?

Geesh, I’m a HETEROSEXUAL woman, for criminy’s sake. I like men to look like men! But, then again, I’ve never been the “marrying kind.”  Maybe going for the JFK, Jr. look isn’t so great for that, after all.  🙂

Masculine faces appeal most to women in countries where disease is rife

A country’s disease rates influence women’s preference for masculine or feminine-looking faces, claim psychologists

Women who live in healthier countries prefer more feminine-looking men, compared with women living in regions where life-threatening diseases are rife, psychologists say. Their research suggests masculine men have the greatest appeal for women who live in areas where a strong genetic make-up is critical for survival.

A study of women in 30 countries found they were more likely to choose a masculine-looking partner if their country scored low on a health index based on World Health Organisation mortality figures. By contrast, in countries where people have a longer lifespan, women favoured more feminine-looking men, even though they might not have the healthiest genes available….