islam isEverybody’s abuzz about the “Islam is” fracas at Google – good!  It’s about time people woke up to the deliberate censorship based on cowardice that many of the world’s organizations and institutes are engaging in.

In this latest censorial flap in which some see Google as blatantly suppressing its results or suggestions, when the keyphrase “Islam is” is typed into its search engine box nothing shows up, unlike “Christianity is,” which returns suggestions including “bullshit” and “false.”  Judaism, Buddhism, atheism – these all are followed by abusive remarks when the word “is” is included after them, but not Islam!

Now, it isn’t just this part alone that makes you smell a rat – that would be evidence enough of a deliberate “intimidation jihad.” No, if you start typing things you KNOW should show up in the top suggestions on Google, such as:
“Islam is evil”
“Islam sucks”
The phrase does not return any suggestions, even though you are sure that you have typed it many times before.

Working against this conspiracy theory, however, is the fact that “Muhammad is” brings up some salty language indeed, including “a false prophet,” “the antichrist” and “satan.” As does “Koran is,” which produces “evil” among the results. Also, “Islam evil” brings up the following (text continues below):

islam evil

While it may be that Google is deliberately censoring itself – based on real or perceived threats, a fact in itself that says much about Islam and public perception of it – it may be that there is in fact a glitch with the “is” of both words in the keyphrase in question. Especially when one considers that “Acharya is” also brings up a big fat goose egg!