climate change pollutionOver the many years I have been environmentally active, beginning in childhood with a family who recycled and used biodegradable soap products, I have seen arguments on both ends of the spectrum about the human impact on the environment. Practically everyone is aware of the global warming debate, as well as climate change – even without the scientists telling us anything, many of us have seen our climates change, including and especially within cultures such as the Alaskans and Peruvians, et al., who need no pedigreed scientists to tell them something’s different. If you listen to the entire scientific community as a whole, you will hear that the earth is warming, the earth is cooling, human activity is causing climate change, humans have no impact on the environment.

Considering the huge problem with pollution – with massive gyres of garbage, for example, in the ocean, etc., ad nauseam – this last contention is utterly unsustainable. However, what is the reality with global warming? Are we are really headed down the path of complete destruction?

Hat tip to Dr. James DeMeo for focusing on this debate.

The real climate change catastrophe

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The “exaggerated claims” in question?