turkish girl buried alive

Hole where 16-year-old girl was buried alive in Turkey (Photo: HO/REUTERS)

Yesterday, I had heard the sickening news out of Turkey about a 16-year-old girl named Medine Memi being buried alive in a so-called “honor killing” because she talked to boys. In other words, she was murdered because she’s a girl – and that’s what happens to girls in classical – not “radical” or “extreme” – Islam.

Islam encourages girl murder, period. According to Islam, girls are worthless sex/household slaves and baby machines. If her “honor” is sullied by any male – except, of course, the 70-year-old men she’s “married” to – a young girl needs to be murdered – that’s what millions believe all across the Muslim world, whether or not the atrocious practice is pre-Islamic or condemned by certain imams.

Indeed, regardless of all manner of shrieking, “That’s not Islam!” the practice of murdering girls and women continues freely in Muslim countries. And that fact is exemplified by this recent act of misogynistic barbarism in Turkey.

This Turkish situation is so appalling that even the lefty liberal Huffington Post had to say something. It seems that the normally Islamoappeasing blog is slowly becoming awakened to the atrocities that fester in Islamic lands – something the rest of us have known for a long time. Although, naturally, the writer still has to make a lame disclaimer that “the brutalization of women and girls cuts across all religious and cultural boundaries…” Yes, yes, of course, we must coddle cuddly Islam wherever we can, even thought the ideology is one of the most awful violators of human rights in history and is certainly the most sexist and misogynistic.

The question is now, will Europeans really open up their borders to allow citizens of Turkey to move freely about, bringing with them these sorts of savage customs?

The murder of girls and women purportedly based on Islamic teachings has been so rampant over the past 1,400 years that we have scarcely scratched the surface. Add to that atrocious fact the shortage of marriable women – and girls, of course, since child marriage is allowed in Islam – because wealthy Muslim males take up to four wives to themselves, and we can understand to some extent why there are a bunch of angry, sexually frustrated Muslim men running around blowing things up. Islam does not encourage romantic love; on the contrary, it takes the rigid and hateful biblical attitude towards sex and women to the most derogatory and repressive extremes.

Classical Islam is, in effect, anti-love. And anti-girl. Islam hates girls unless they are completely enslaved under its oppressive doctrines. Girls who follow their hearts, make up their own minds and become free of external authority are despised by Islamists, who murder them at will.

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