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We are coming upon the one year mark since our dear Acharya S/D.M. Murdock passed away on December 25th 2015. We are still grieving such a loss and will never be the same again. Plus, I’ve been suffering my own serious health crisis. Those who want to offer support may send help via PayPal to your support will help keep all of Acharya’s websites up and running, keep her books available, future projects and help me continue to take care of her son.

What sets Acharya’s work apart from other scholars is that her work includes the study of astrotheology, archeoastronomy and more that others, including other mythicists, refuse to study, which is why they fail to make the best case for mythicism. Here’s just one small example of the Star Worship of the Ancient Israelites in the Old Testament that led to the origins of Christianity whereby the New Testament converted star worship into the worship of a personified figure, Jesus, and then eventually outlawed ancient star worship. Here is a brief history on why we cannot trust New Testament scholarship, Theologians or even Historians to be honest about the case for mythicism or the Mythicist Position or admit religion is mythology. It’s the suppression of mythicism by omission as there exists no courses in academia. We really need a new department of astrotheological and mythological studies to focus on these issues ignored by all of academia. The credible evidence via primary sources and highly respected scholar commentary on them are on Acharya’s side. If you’re a student in college hoping to pursue mythicism please include her work in academic papers. Acharya’s best work on mythicism was yet to come, sadly, she passed away before she could finish. I do look forward to some help with Dr. Robert Price to help finish the 2nd edition to her first book from 1999. So, join the newsletter list or stay in touch however it suits you for that new book at some point.

“The Mythicist case has been rebutted? Really? When did that happen? The arguments of the Mythicist camp have never been refuted – they have only been steadfastly ignored.” “…As for this tiresome business about there being “no scholar” or “no serious scholar” who advocates the Christ Myth theory: Isn’t it obvious that scholarly communities are defined by certain axioms in which grad students are trained, and that they will lose standing in those communities if they depart from those axioms? The existence of an historical Jesus is currently one of those. That should surprise no one, especially with the rightward lurch of the Society for Biblical Literature in recent years. It simply does not matter how many scholars hold a certain opinion…”
– Dr. Robert Price, Biblical Scholar with two Ph.D’s

Scholars who’ve actually studied Acharya’s work tend to be supportive:

“I find it undeniable that many of the epic heroes and ancient patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament were personified stars, planets, and constellations.” “I find myself in full agreement with Acharya S/D.M. Murdock”
– Dr. Robert Price, Biblical Scholar with two Ph.D’s, review of Acharya’s “Christ in Egypt”

“Your scholarship is relentless! The research conducted by D.M. Murdock concerning the myth of Jesus Christ is certainly both valuable and worthy of consideration.”
– Dr. Kenneth L. Feder, Professor of Archaeology, review of Acharya’s book “Christ in Egypt”

“A heavenly location for the actions of the savior gods, including the death of Christ, would also have been influenced by most religions’ ultimate derivation from astrotheology, as in the worship of the sun and moon. For this dimension of more remote Christian roots, see the books of Acharya S”
– Earl Doherty, Jesus: Neither God Nor Man, (2009) page 153

“I can recommend your work whole-heartedly!”
– Dr. Robert Eisenman

* Here are Acharya’s books, e-books, papers and other publications

* Here is The Stellar House Ebook Collection

The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold by Acharya S (1999)
Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled by Acharya S (2004)
Who Was Jesus? Fingerprints of The Christ by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S (2007)
Christ in Egypt: The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S (2009)
The Gospel According to Acharya S (2009)
Man Made God: A Collection of Essays by Barbara G. Walker (2010)
Anahita: Ancient Persian Goddess and Zoroastrian Yazata (2013)
Bart Ehrman and the Quest of the Historical Jesus of Nazareth: An Evaluation of Ehrman s Did Jesus Exist? (2013)
Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S (2014)

Astrotheology Calendar Series

DVD produced by artist Scott Burdick entitled: Great Minds of Our Time: D.M. Murdock (2011, 2 hours)

“God in the Box” is a documentary film that I really enjoyed and hope it gets released on DVD soon.

Acharya’s Powerpoint Presentation on DVD: Suns of God, DVD (2005, 80 Minutes)

DVD Conscious Media interview with Acharya S on the Christ Conspiracy S1:Ep19 (2005, about 1 hour)

Works of D.M. Murdock/Acharya S and Stellar House Publishing on Kindle

Acharya’s article peer reviewed by highly respected linguist, Dr. Paul J. Hopper: Josephus’s Testimonium Flavianum Examined Linguistically: Greek Analysis Demonstrates the Passage a Forgery In Toto

Acharya’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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