There never is a shortage of news about the latest Islamist terrorist threat–that’s why so much of the news here is dedicated to it. I receive news alerts from a couple of agencies that cover the gamut of religion as well as atheism and freethought. Consistently the most newsworthy at this moment in history is anything relating to Islam. That’s just the way it is.

Now the Germans are going to have to ban flights over their famous festival of Oktoberfest, because the Taliban have allegedly threatened to commit terrorist acts, purportedly over the German presence in Afghanistan. Now, I can understand not wanting to have a foreign occupation of your country, but let’s face it, it’s because of the Taliban in significant part that there are foreign troops in Afghanistan. And then we will have a counterargument that foreign aggression years ago caused the rise of the Taliban, and we can keep going back in time until the cows come home, because this battle between certain peoples dates back to before biblical times.

In any event, the reason given for the allegedly threatened terrorist attacks is that the Germans’ “operation here against Islam makes an attack on Germany tempting for us mujahideen…” It is likely that among Germany’s four million Muslims are Taliban and Taliban sympathesizers, so if the Germans must leave Afghanistan, these groups should be compelled to leave Germany.

In any case, here is one of a series of videos that explain well that the aggression by Islamists is certainly not restricted to purported “blowback.”

And here is another one of the major reasons for the U.S. presence in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan plans gas pipeline

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