geert wilders victoryGreat news about Dutch politician Geert Wilders getting lifted the ban against him entering Great Britain! Wilders was scheduled to return to GB for a showing before the House of Lords of his short documentary “Fitna.” He was detained at the airport and sent out of the country, largely because a Muslim laird (Ahmed) threatened to rage through the streets with 10,000 rabid supporters, entirely validating Wilders’s point. This same Muslim MP was found guilty of manslaughter while texting, but he got a slap on the wrist–and much appeasement, obviously.

Now, the Dutch need to drop the ridiculous charges against Wilders…

Dutch anti-Islam MP overturns British ban

Dutch legislator Geert Wilders, who faces prosecution in his homeland for anti-Islam remarks, won an appeal on Tuesday against a ban from entering Britain.

Wilders was barred in February because British ministers said his presence would threaten community harmony and public safety.

He had planned to show his film “Fitna”, which argues that the Koran incites violence, in the British parliament but was turned back after landing at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Britain’s Asylum and Immigration Tribunal has now overturned that decision following a challenge by Wilders, meaning he could now be allowed into the country.

“It’s a fantastic decision,” Wilders told Reuters. “It’s not a victory for myself, but a victory for freedom of speech.”

And indeed, Wilders is scheduled to return to Great Britain.


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