Hawaii's national coat of armsThere’s a resistance and sovereignty movement for self-determination and self-governance by Hawaiian natives that few people know or seem to care about. These natives of Hawaii resent the “prolonged military occupation” of their islands as a result of the “‘U.S. armed invasion and overthrow’ of the Hawaiian monarchy.” These “invaders” have taken over large swathes of land and destroyed the environment, building cities full of noise, pollution and drug scourges such as meth.

For spiritual natives such as the Hawaiians, this situation is sacrilegious. The sovereignty movement claims natives are marginalized and have lost their dignity, culture and livelihood. Some of these sovereignty groups “focus upon the immediate problem of overcoming what they see as American occupation or colonization of the islands.”

During the initial stages of this conquest, many Hawaiians lost their lives – including children – especially to disease, and the native population plummeted from possibly half a million to some 30,000 in a 120 years or so. It is estimated that native Hawaiians and other Pacific islanders make up only about 10% of the current population of Hawaii. These natives appear to be on the verge of extinction, and they are angry about the increasingly pressurized situation, sometimes to the point of threatening outsiders and “haole” with bodily harm.

The most “radical” and “extreme” of these sovereignty groups are calling for total independence for Hawaii, claiming that the United States has “the moral obligation to ‘return what it has stolen‘ and to remove its ‘occupying forces’ (i.e., the U.S. military) from Hawaiian lands.” In this regard, the call is made for “international recognition of Hawaii as a rightful independent nation under illegal colonial occupation.” Sound familiar?

Is violence the answer?

What should the natives of Hawaii do? Lob missiles at the cities where non-natives live? Strap on suicide-bomb vests and attack cafes and museums? Use children, schools and hospitals as shields so that civilian casualties can be cited in order to garner support? Enlist the assistance of foreign countries to provide weapons, which natives then smuggle into the land? Should their leaders abscond with foreign aid and live in luxury, while using the commoners as cannon fodder? Is violence really the answer?

And why do so few people know about this issue of invasion, occupation and usurpation of Hawaii? Where are the rallies in support of the Hawaiian natives? The global street marches on their behalf? The nonstop media drumbeating and riling up of the irate masses? Why aren’t concerned American humanitarians leaving the islands in droves and restoring them to the natives? Where is the uproar against the United States government for this “illegal occupation?”

While Hawaiian natives generally peacefully attempt to draw attention to their situation, with little success, relatively violent cultures seem to have no problem creating outrage and justification for violent assaults based on similar calls for a sovereign state. Why is humanity responding to the violence and thuggery, rather than the peaceful efforts? Why reward violence while ignoring peace?

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