When we discuss the changing face of Europe–or Eurabia, as it is becoming known–we may not realize just how many people of various ethnicities reside in this multicultist union. In particular, we are interested in the number of Muslims in various countries, as they are attracting by far the most attention.

Muslim women in Germany shopping for Eid ul-Fitr

For example, how many people are aware that there are four million Muslims in Germany? In consideration of Germany’s current population of some 82 million, this amount may not sound like much. But, taken out of context, so to speak, that’s four million people with potential influence–and, believe me, the politicians are aware of this fact. So, appeasing Muslims and Islam has become a cottage industry.

When I was in Europe as a student a couple of decades ago–yes, folks, I am that old–Turks were being encouraged to migrate to Germany as part of their “gastarbeiter” or “guestworker” program. From what I gleaned while I was there, it was widely understood that these Turks were being “imported” in order to do the manual, grunt labor. For a time, Turkish culture was suppressed because their numbers were inconsequential. Now, of course, they have mushroomed, and Muslims of other ethnicities have joined their swelling ranks.

Now, of course, many native Germans are realizing their folly and that they may eventually lose their country to invited gastarbeiter who may become their guestmasters.

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