Oddly enough, many Muslim women will become very hostile if someone points out that the Islamic veils called the “niqab” or “burka” are oppressive. They also will throw out the false apology that dressing in this manner is a “choice.” They and their defenders will often resort to insults in order to shut down the discussion.

The attempt is to shame one into submission by claiming that it is we who are oppressing Muslim women by denying them the “choice” to dress in what we might call “Islamic female slave clothing.” If one responds with facts, a less disingenuous apologist may grudgingly backtrack and claim that s/he never said it was “always a choice.” Note, however, that one will not be given any credit or recognition for one’s knowledge or intelligence at this point, as the fact that one was correct will not be acknowledged. The apologies will continue.

Oppression of Women

Muslim women in niqabThe factual rebuttal to this apology is that most Muslim women who dress in this oppressive clothing designed to remove their faces from public do NOT have a choice in wearing these garments. In Saudi Arabia, for example, the women are considered MINORS their entire lives and must be subject to a MALE GUARDIAN. They do NOT have a choice of whether or not to wear the niqab or full face veil with eyes only showing, unless their male guardian(s) allows it.

Taliban beat a woman in Kabul, Sep.2001 (RAWA)One should also point out that women in parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran assuredly have NO choice about wearing the Islamic veil. Women in Afghanistan continue to be beaten into submission by the more fanatical Muslim males there. The Iranian women were dead set against the hijab or chador and likewise were beaten physically into submission into accepting it.

Here is an eye-opening video about the women in Iran just after the revolution of 1979 that brought in the evil Khomeini and his diabolical minions:


Also, be sure to listen to this BBC radio interview of ex-Muslims in the UK, including women who state quite blatantly that they are FORCED to wear the veil. Here’s the Youtube link:

Here’s the sad story of a beautiful Canadian girl who was murdered by her father and brother for not wearing hijab – in Canada. Choice? Between hijab and death?

Mind Your Own Business!

These millions of women are asking for our assistance, because we CAN help them. Therefore, when someone says to “mind your own business” about Muslim women, we can ask them in return to mind their own business while we help these women requesting our help. Such forced GENDER APARTHEID is unacceptable.

Islamic fundamentalism does not give women a choice to wear a veilFalse Piety

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