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It is somewhat appropriate that I just read some quotes from  theologian Dr. Mary Daly in editing Barbara G. Walker’s book Man Made God. Daly was a pioneer in helping to bring to the surface the long-buried tradition of Goddess worship in the ancient world.

In writing about her in the Guardian, Mark Vernon styles the article, “Mary Daly, the uppity theologian,” and then remarks: “Mary Daly was the least compromising enemy of patriarchy that the Catholic Church has yet produced.” He continues:

In books like Gyn/Ecology and Beyond God the Father, she envisaged the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit: the all-male three in one – as an eternal homosexual orgy. She argued that to call God “father” is to make fathers gods, excusing all kinds of horrors from religious totalitarianism to domestic violence.

One of the motivators that keeps me going in the face of grinding hostility from certain camps who just can’t seem to leave us mythicists alone in our views is the knowledge of the disgraceful history of the destruction of Goddess-worshipping cultures and their usurpation by the patriarchy.  So much unbearable grief and atrocity can be traced to the violent rise and conquest by the male godfather-worshipping cults such as the Abrahamic monotheistic nightmares that have oozed out of the Middle East.

As the ever-inspiring Walker shows in her own work (inspired in return by Daly), the restoration of the divine feminine could go a long way in healing the earth of its incredibly divisive, aggressive and violent spiritual and psychological malfunctioning based on wrong-headed sexism and misogyny.

In this regard, Mary Daly was a hero for the ages, not just a heroine for feminist groups.

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