Inevitably in any discussion of Islam, there are those “infidelphobes” and “dhimwits” who start shrieking about “Islamophobia,” as if that’s a bad thing.  A healthy fear of Islam–knowing its actual history and what it continues to do globally, rather than remaining in a bubble of ignorance–would be a good thing for any sensible person.

“Islam” means “submission,” and “phobia” means “fear.” Any truly free and enlightened individual would possess a certain degree of fear of submission. Even more so, those with real souls would possess a certain hatred for submission, which would make them Islamomises. Anyone who mindlessly coddles this atrocious ideology that has been responsible for the vicious murders and deaths of some 270 million people worldwide, swallowing up whole cultures against their will, like the BORG, could only be called a “dhimwit“:

A non-Muslim member of a free society who unwittingly abets the stated cause of Islamic domination.  A dhimwit is always quick to extend sympathy to the very enemy that would take away his or her own freedom (or life) if given the opportunity.

The people who are “Islamophobic” are those who are afraid to criticize a heinous ideology that brutalizes human beings on a mass scale. Those cowards who will appease the crocodile so it will eat them last.

I have no interest in being an Islamophobe and hiding in the wings, pretending to be more moral than those who stick out their necks to take on an unpopular but egregious injustice and call a spade a spade.

Using the term “Islamophobe” is another deflection off this dangerous situation. It is like calling someone an “anti-Semite” for criticizing Judaism.

Yes, of course, it is becoming increasingly evident that rampant “multiculturalism” does not work.

“If Ms. Murdock finds the tenets of the Koran revolting, can we say anytheless of the Talmud or the Old Testament?”

You mean the Talmud and Old Testament that I have been writing about and criticizing for two decades? That I have exposed as largely being propaganda bent on hegemony?

Fortunately, however, most Jews in the West are far better educated than their Muslim counterparts and certainly do not follow either the Talmud or the Old Testament.

The Koran, on the other hand, is held up by hundreds of millions as “God’s Word.” Ironically, the Koran/Quran is largely based on the Old Testament Jewish law.  In fact, the most devout Muslims follow Jewish law extremely precisely.

In addition to my books, which expose the farce of bibliolatry, the following articles have been online since the mid to late 90s.

[url=http://www.truthbeknown.com/judaismquotes.htm]Quotes from Judaism[/url]
[url=http://www.truthbeknown.com/theocracy.htm]Anatomy of a One World Religion[/url]

I have been very aware of the “lefty liberal” propaganda about Israel, Zionism and Jews since the early 90s, when I began to listen to the Pacifica station KPFK, which is laden with pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel sentiments.  While there is of course merit to this perspective to a certain extent, what we see flowing from these particular airwaves, and all over Europe as well, is indeed [i]propaganda [/i]designed by Arab and Muslim Brotherhood elements who would like us all to appease Islam and accept it as the dominant global system.

It seems that the mad focus on Judaism, Israel, “Zionism” comes from people who have just heard about this “lefty liberal” agenda and cannot see through it.  They are almost two decades behind me in this regard.  I was very much a lefty liberal myself, until I saw what it was turning into.  Appeasing Islam is treacherous, as far I am concerned.  I am disgusted that anyone for one moment would defend this anti-human, woman-hating cult of death. 

Constantly throwing out red herrings and pulling out the “tu quoque” logical fallacy has no effect as concerns the truth and facts. All of these objections come from people with a very shallow perspective of the world and its history.