UPDATE: Facebook has reinstated my account. Thanks to all who may have politely written to them.

My Facebook account has been “disabled,” which means, gone are not only my profile, with its 5,000 friends but also my page, with its nearly 5,000 “fans,” as well as my others pages, including those for my various books, videos and radio programs. Thousands of hours of work, down the drain, in an account I’ve had for a number of years. Not exactly unexpected, since Facebook tends to be rather capricious, deleting or disabling accounts at the drop of a hat with no prior warning or notification. Meanwhile, it appears to take great effort to get Facebook to delete pages and profiles full of bigotry, hate speech and calls to violence, depending on the group or cult spewing it. Certain religions, for example, tend to get a pass while engaging in such sociopathy.

I have guesses but no real idea why Facebook disabled my account – they are not forthcoming yet. I have written to their various email addresses, such as: disabled@facebook.com, appeals@facebook.com and info@facebook.com, with a typical canned response highlighting reasons for disabling accounts in general. Of course, I have not committed any of these egregious transgressions. Perhaps I posted a link and message too many times, like FOUR? Gasp!! (That was the last thing I did before I discovered my account had been deleted. Here is the link in question.)

Here is the message one currently receives when one wishes to log into one’s disabled FB account:

Account Disabled

Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here.

Next, you has to check “Yes” in the question about whether or not you have valid government identification – see the image below. Yes, Facebook wants my driver’s license, etc. As the mother of an abducted child (I got him back), I’ve been advised strongly by various law enforcement agencies not to be tossing around such private data willy-nilly to whoever makes impertinent demands of it.

They do say we can cover up our address and license number, for example, which is okay, except that they will still know what state our license is in. A passport doesn’t have an address at all, so that’s not as bad. We may be at a loggerheads with FB. In the meantime, check here. Also be sure to join my Google+ account. I don’t care all that much for Google+ – I’ve been on there for quite some time but am in fewer than 500 circles, while almost no one ever comments on my posts there – but it will do in a pinch.

One lesson here: Do not post anything to Facebook that you don’t have saved elsewhere, such as notes, etc., if you wanted to keep those. Fortunately, I didn’t post all that much original material as concerns essays to my FB page – thousands of comments, of course. And I put in a huge amount of time in that account, so FB really simply behaves badly when it does something like that.

Here is a contact form to fill out if Facebook disables your account.