UPDATE: Facebook has now reinstated my account! THANKS SO VERY MUCH TO FB AND ALL SUPPORTERS! Please ignore the petition, which will now be closed. This blog post will be left as a chronicle of the story.

UPDATE: Please pass around this press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/facebook/controversy/prweb11259431.htm


UPDATE: Mythicist Milwaukee has created a post with my statement below on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MythicistMKE/posts/531727783586698 Please visit, like and share. Don’t forget to use hashtags #AcharyaS and/or #DMMurdock in FB or Twitter posts about me, where possible.

Facebook has announced it will be allowing violent and graphic decapitation videos on its site, claiming that “raising awareness” of this violence will “help reduce it.”

If such is the case, then allowing graphic photojournalism of an anthropological event, such as virginity testing of little girls in Africa, should have the same effect. Indeed, it was always my intent to raise awareness to this issue in order to help reduce it.

My FB banning stands, despite the thousands of petition signatures and emails to Facebook’s admins and despite this interestingly timed news about the beheading videos. Their now clearly arbitrary censorship is illogical and offensive, frankly.

Facebook, please reinstate my account ASAP. You now have the testimony of hundreds of users that my FB page was highly valuable for the same social activism that you purport to be promoting with this new policy. The message now is that graphic VIOLENCE is okay, but graphic images of human bodies are not okay. I must also ask, since when does desensitizing people to such gore help reduce it? If that’s the case, why not have violent video games in every classroom?

I’m reminded also of the New Yorker banning, dubbed “Nipplegate,” in which cartoon nipples were deemed offensive. The powerful New Yorker account was reinstated – why not mine? Cartoon nipples and anthropological virginity testing are over-the-top offenses, but posting what amounts to “snuff films” is not? What if the beheading victims are nude? 

I ask again, please give me my account back! I will abide by FB’s rules, although I will not be posting decapitation videos at any time, regardless of whether or not they “help reduce violence.”

Meanwhile, Facebook allows a horrible image of violence committed against women in the Congo, one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a woman – I ask you, how is this FB page not in violation of the same TOS my profile purportedly was? WARNING: Gruesome images at the link below.


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