(Farhan Qureshi is a young FTN contributor who was a Muslim apologist until he became a freethinker. Here this ex-Muslim has a conversation with Florida pastor Terry Jones, globally notorious for publicly burning a Koran. Unfortunately, the sound quality is poor, but we wanted to post this record of what is an interesting and cordial meeting of individuals from very diverse backgrounds. A transcript would be helpful, obviously.)

My conversation with Terry Jones
by Farhan Qureshi

I had a chance to meet and talk to the infamous Qur’an burner Pastor Terry Jones, and at first I did not know what to expect. Quite honestly, he was a nice guy! He’s just on a mission, I guess. By no means do I support his methodology, and it’s awful that people were killed due to his demonstrations, but I think my conversation with him proved a lot to me: namely, that the Islamic radicals are far more disturbed than the Christian radicals. No matter how you want to put it, the fact that a man burned a holy book to make a point cannot possibly compare to all of the throat-slitting slaughters, sodomizing tortures, suicide bombings and cold-blooded murders done in the name of Islam time and time again. I’m sorry, but it just cannot compare.

Here is my conversation with Pastor Terry Jones:

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