The European Parliament is admitting, finally, that fundamentalist Islam is at the root of global terrorism. What Islamophobes! Seriously, what took them so long? The rest of us have known this fact for years. It’s one of the reasons we have objected to the proliferation of Saudi-funded mosques all over the world – paid for by your oil/gas money!

So, oil/gas >> Saudi Arabia >> terrorism. We are funding our own demise in so many ways. (Iranian-funded mosques are no better…) As Turkish prime minister Erdogan likes to throw in the face of the filthy infidel:

“The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.”

Our oil addiction has brought us climate change and brutal spiritual pollution.

European Parliament identifies Wahabi and Salafi roots of global terrorism

It is not merely the faith or oil that flows out of Saudi Arabia. The oil-rich Arab state and its neighbours are busy financing Wahabi and Salafi militants across the globe.

A recent report by the European Parliament reveals how Wahabi and Salafi groups based out of the Middle East are involved in the “support and supply of arms to rebel groups around the world.” The report, released in June 2013, was commissioned by European Parliament’s Directorate General for External Policies. The report warns about the Wahabi/Salafi organisations and claims that “no country in the Muslim world is safe from their operations … as they always aim to terrorise their opponents and arouse the admiration of their supporters.”

The nexus between Arab charities promoting Wahabi and Salafi traditions and the extremist Islamic movements has emerged as one of the major threats to people and governments across the globe. From Syria, Mali, Afghanistan and Pakistan to Indonesia in the East, a network of charities is funding militancy and mayhem to coerce Muslims of diverse traditions to conform to the Salafi and Wahabi traditions. The same networks have been equally destructive as they branch out of Muslim countries and attack targets in Europe and North America.

Despite the overt threats emerging from the oil-rich Arab states, governments across the globe continue to ignore the security imperative and instead are busy exploiting the oil-, and at time times, blood-soaked riches….