We’ve all heard about the ‘End Times,’ as described in the last book of the New Testament, Revelation. We survived Y2K, Harold Camping’s May 21st Judgement Day and his October 21st End of the World but, with Dec 21st 2012 quickly approaching, we’re not out of the woods just yet. I hope you’ve been watching Nat Geo’s “Doomsday Preppers.”


How accurate are these claims of “prophecy” and are they really necessary? I mean, geesh, there’s a lot of destruction going on there; couldn’t God,  just show up on the evening news and act as a guide so we could avoid all the destruction and killing?

The Religious Tolerance website says: “Christ … returns on a horse leading an army on horseback who will exterminate one third of the earth’s population in a massive, bloody genocide. It will be numerically the largest mass extermination of humans in history.”


Revelation 9:13-15 the mass murder of 1/3rd of the worlds population (which will consist of all non-believers; sounds like a modern day Inquisition and dark age to me). Remember the apocalypse, Armageddon and the tribulation period? Remember how it says that the blood will be at the horses bridle at Revelation 14:20? And that man will become more scarce than gold at Isaiah 13:12? After all is said and done 2/3rds of the human population will be destroyed.

If that happened today with the worlds population now just over 7 billion, 2/3rds is over 4.5 billion people killed – all non-believers of course! I never hear Christians or Muslims talk specifically about that many deaths but, it’s significant. We must put some light on this issue because Christians and Muslims view the end times as some great thing that will lead to the golden age of a 1,000 years of peace. The subject of such a monumental tragedy of 4.5 billion deaths doesn’t seem to bother them at all. They are comfortable being a devotee of such a god.

Apparently, the end times murder of over 4.5 billion non-believers is just prophecy policy. Or, is it collateral damage? How is that any sort of improvement over the past deaths of around 250 million in the name of Christianity over the last 2,000 years and the 270 million in the name of Islam over the last 1,400 years? It’s not, that’s over half a billion deaths with 4.5 billion more to go according the Abrahamic religions.

How many has God killed?

Video of John Hagee here ???

I remember the days when I used to believe it. As a former evangelical, my family and I used to love watching John Hagee back in the 80’s. Now days, I feel dirty like I need to go take a shower after watching these videos. I’d be ashamed to view the murder of 4.5 people as any sort of glorious act. There may be some sort of end times but, it won’t have anything to do with god, Jesus, Muhammad or any other supernatural fairy-tale. There exists no credible evidence to substantiate these supernatural end times claims. But that doesn’t stop the self-fulfilling prophecy created solely by man.

A Brief History of the Apocalypse 

We can do better and we can start now by learning about the origins of religious concepts. These origins stem from a veneration of natural phenomena i.e. the sun, moon, planets, constellations etc. The ancients (our ancestors) created myths around nature and passed it on to the next generation. This mythology snowballed into organized religion over time. If ancient religions were basing their religious ideas around natural phenomena, then, obviously, there are going to exist parallels between these sacred concepts. These concepts have evolved over time with similarities and differences due to environment, culture and era. Added to that fact are all of the competition and borrowing of ideas between these various cultures.

Religious or not, we should be the best stewards we can on the only planet we have to live on. Wishing for worldwide mass destruction is the complete opposite of that.

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