didmosesexist250This video shows that scientists have concluded the Exodus account to be fictional. In my book Did Moses Exist? The Myth of the Israelite Lawgiver, I cite Egyptologist Dr. Donald Redford several times. In the first part of my book, I demonstrate that the Mosaic account could not be history, as it was not only impossible physically but there exists no scientific evidence for any desert sojourn. The latter half of the book shows where the Moses and Exodus myths come from in preceding myths and legends.

The video says the biblical story is “enigmatic,” but when you know the mythology preceding the composition of this tale the mystery is solved. I present as thorough an analysis of this issue as one could possible find in a single tome.

Unfortunately, the video featuring Egyptologist Redford was removed from this link:


Here’s another documentary, however:

You can listen also to my radio program on Moses and the Exodus at this video:

Here’s another interview about Moses, with Aron Ra:

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