salafi muslim women covered in niqabIt would be nice, for a change, to hear some good news in the subject of Islam. If people must subscribe to archaic products of Stone Age cultures, I suppose we must at least wish them well in reforming such ideologies.

So, on the good news front we discover that Egypt’s top cleric is issuing a fatwa/ban against the niqab or full face veil, in public schools at least. This atrocious costume is completely demeaning not only to women but to men and the whole of humanity, as well as being an utter insult to any possible creator of the cosmos. What demented “god” would want one of its most beautiful creatures covered in black from head to toe?  None, is the correct answer.  Hence, we must conclude that this disgusting apparel is a product of man’s desire to control totally his female possession. In any event, this cleric–apparently snapping to his senses from a long sleep that has allowed this atrocity to encroach–is making comments that all Muslims and non-Muslims alike need to hear and take to heart, which is that this manner of dress is not Islamic. To wit:

While a vast majority of Egyptian women wear the headscarf, only a few wear the niqab, which covers the face and is common in neighboring Saudi Arabia which practices the more conservative form of Wahhabi Islam. The trend seems to gaining ground in the Arab world’s most populous country.

There is no uniform religious opinion across the Muslim world about whether a head scarf—much less a face veil—is required.

The majority of Islamic scholars say the face veil is not required but is merely a custom that dates back to tribal, nomadic societies living in the Arabian desert before Islam began.

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