Now that Egypt’s Morsi has been given the boot, I should note that I personally objected strenuously to the use of American taxpayer money to impose ISLAMIC/SHARIA ENSLAVEMENT on the Egyptian people in the first place.

It is beyond significant that possibly the single largest gathering in history was a PROTEST AGAINST ISLAMIZATION. What’s that say, eh? MOST PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO BE ISLAMIZED, GET IT?

AND IT WILL NOT HAPPEN, SO JIHADIS CAN GIVE IT UP NOW. Islamic fanatics trying to shove Islam down everyone’s throats are now on notice. You are vastly outnumbered and will be defeated.

We who object to the Islamization of the world are CORRECT, whereas the panderers who have been pushing this fanaticism down everyone’s throats are SIMPLY WRONG.

Man, I wish the Iranians had done this YEARS ago! Please, my beloved Persian people, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Get rid of the mullahs who enslave you and rape your daughters! Go, Iran!

The biggest ‘up yours’ in history – to the Islamists!

I agree with this Egyptian man below – stop supporting Islamic terrorists!

This guy is righteously pissed – I know how he feels!


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