geert wildersOrdinarily, I would take no great glee in the fall of a supposedly democratic government of a country that has proved itself over the past several decades to be one of the most civilized and enlightened societies in all of human history.  But this time around, I have to wonder whether or not karma has caught up with this particular government, after it engaged in the absolutely immoral behavior of prosecuting one of its most courageous and prominent citizens merely for speaking the truth about a dangerous ideology.

The Dutch government has apparently fallen apart – ostensibly over Dutch presence in Afghanistan – and not a few people have wondered whether or not the great populist politician Geert Wilders will soon become Prime Minister. This development is stunning, because at the moment that same government is trying Wilders in its kangaroo court for “hate crimes” against Holland’s burgeoning Muslim population, whose way of life and special demands are essentially destroying the fabric of Dutch culture.

Wilders has been under fire for years now, especially after releasing his well-done expose of Islamic supremacist mentality as found in the Koran and as practiced by thousands of individuals often described as “terrorists.” For his courage, Wilders has been under a constant threat of being murdered by this same contingent, entirely proving his point.

Hopefully, this Dutch implosion will lead to Wilders grabbing the reigns and leading Holland – and, by inspiration, other parts of Europe – in a direction that will save its ancient culture from certain destruction at the hands of Islamists. Said Wilders at the news of the governmental dissolution, “This is a beautiful day. The worst cabinet in Dutch history no longer exists and people can let their voices be heard by voting in a few months’ time.”

Go, Geert, go!

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